Album Covers for iTunes – Fix Those Blank Album Covers

One of the things that make vinyl LPs popular before was the intricate packaging with which they came in. If you’re a little younger, and there’s a good chance that you are, you probably don’t even know what vinyl LPs are. Ask your dad, your mom, your uncle, or a slightly older cousin and they’ll be sure to come up with fond memories and quaint stories featuring an outdated mode of “packaging” music from a time that’s about as fresh as stale bread.

Album covers nearly died with the vinyl LPs. When cassette tapes and CDs started ruling the music market, album covers became second thought. Who would care for the small, thin, flimsy, and sometimes poorly-printed cover that came with the CDs? It’s the music people are after and everything else is trivial.

Thanks to digital technology, album artwork is making a strong comeback. Ahead of the list is Apple’s very own iTunes which features a display mode known as Cover Flow allowing one to highlight album covers for iTunes much like book titles on a shop window. What makes it fancier is the ease with which one can scroll through the titles with just a flick of the finger and all the album art flow seamlessly from one page to the next.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get all of this working on your iTunes, iPod, or iPhone. Normally, iTunes automatically downloads artwork for the songs in your library straight from the iTunes store. The album covers for iTunes appear on your window as iTunes automatically matches them to the songs and includes them as part of the song data so you don’t have to do the sorting yourself. If however you don’t have the automatic artwork downloading feature activated, just go to your iTunes task pane, click Edit (for Windows users) or iTunes (for Mac users), then select Preferences. Click the Artwork tab and check the box following the “automatically download missing album artwork” option to allow the album covers for iTunes to be automatically downloaded to your computer.

An alternative but more tedious method is to do it manually by searching the artwork online, copying and pasting it onto the “Get Info” then “Artwork” tab for that song. Sites like or even often contain the official release album art for most records and these are excellent sources when one decides to manually update his album covers for iTunes.

One key advantage of this method is that it allows the user free reign over which artwork and album covers he wants to see on his iTunes screen. Over the years, records can be updated and this oftentimes includes updated album covers. Most music enthusiasts prefer a specific release of their favorite albums and allowing auto-download of album covers for iTunes might lead to one that does not suit your preference. Whichever the case is, one can always mix these two methods, populating more common selections automatically, and manually updating the more choice ones.

The important thing is to enjoy album covers as you enjoy the music. The whole musical experience is normally not complete with just an auditory journey; engaging your sense of sight can also provide a suitable complement that is sure to enhance your silent music-binging moments. The best way to do that, is with album covers of iTunes.

Source by Jacob I King

Can Money Buy Happiness? I Will Teach You How!

I bet you have already heard many people saying that money can buy happiness. Is it true that riches can buy happiness? They can buy many kind of luxuries, but not genuine happiness itself — in the truth, money and status can steal our happiness. Can you picture a public person such as Madonna walking on the street without being disturbed or stared at by anybody? No, because she have lost a lot of her freedom once she became a public person, and freedom is one of the things that happiness is made of.

Imagine yourself not being able to go to the mall, to a restaurant or to a church because people you don’t know will stop you by and ask for pictures and think if you’d be happy with this on the long run. Of course money can buy us some hours with a shrink about our lack of happiness, but can’t buy a friend who listens to you because of who you are instead of how much you are paying.

How do we get happy? Simply by doing what pleases us, from doing what our heart, mind and body desires. When we go after what we want — not being forced to do anything we don’t want to — is when we get contentment.

Remember also that the more money and status you have, bigger is your responsibility simply because people expect much more from you. Because of this, quite often money breaks relationships, destroy friendships and tear families apart. Remember any person with a good status that done anything you condemned and how your admiration for this person in a flash. Sometimes it happens even with someone you never met, so imagine how huge are the things you say or do, and how easy it is to disappoint somebody.

But you want to buy happiness anyway without feeling guilty for anything? Yes, it is possible and sometimes I do it myself, but don’t be surprised. If you have more than your minimum requirement of money, make a donation to an institution of charity, such as an orphanage or an organization that fights poverty. When you do it and you know the institution and how the money will be used, you will surely feel a sense of genuine happiness. You’ll be able to do something that make others happy, and by making someone happy, you become happy.

No golf irons, new dresses or fancy dinners in expensive restaurants can make you feel as happy as the smile of kids you have given money for their food or medicine.

Source by John Torquato

Sea Scallops – STP Conspiracy Theory

How many times has this happened to you?

You are leafing through a magazine or cookbook, or maybe you are cruising through a few good food blogs. You come across a gorgeous photo of thick meaty scallops. They are seared to a crispy golden brown. But you just know they are sweet and juicy on the inside. They are oh so simply presented, sitting beside some lovely veggies or atop a creamy plate of risotto.

You actually salivate. You scan the recipe. All the usual suspects. Okay, you decide, “I can do this”. You are a good cook. You know you are.

You know to use a straight-sided sauté pan. Not a sloped style fry pan. You are not stupid. You know the pan can’t be too big because you want to radiate some heat. But you are savvy enough not to crowd them into a small pan either. Who wants steamed scallops. You weren’t born yesterday.

You rush to the store. Oh look, a big bag a frozen scallops is on sale at CostCo. You do not really need 10 pounds. But hey, they are frozen. They’ll keep right?

But like I said you are a good cook and you have noticed that those big frozen scallops tend to disappoint you for some reason. You can’t put your finger on it. But sometimes the sweet, full fresh taste of the sea is abridged by a faintly metallic taste.

You drop the bag back into the freezer case and head for the fish counter. No, this time you are not going to be taken in by the price.

This time you are splurging on fresh. The recipe seems to deserve it. Besides, cooking scallops is practically simplistic. It’s like a filet mignon. You put it in a hot pan and cook to just past rare. Who can’t do that?

You get to the counter to look for some help. How come there is never the same guy working here twice? They certainly do have a heck of a rotation of knowledgeable fishmongers at this place, you convince yourself.

But none of that matters because there they are; the scallops of your dreams. Nearly as big as a fist, and oh so heavy. Juicy too! They are practically weeping with moisture. Now you are weeping. The lady next to you starts to cry. It’s time to focus…

These are the ones. Sure they cost an arm and a leg. But how much can a dozen really cost you anyway. Oh! $25.00. Really… “Ah, screw it. It’s only money” you decide. You grunt and throw a dozen over your shoulder and lug them home with you.

When you spend this kind of money on a first course you want it to be good. So you take your time with the mis en place. You get everything just so.

You heat some oil in a pan until it just shimmers slightly. When it’s good and hot you gently slide those babies into the pan. You know to let them be. You resist the urge to move them about the pan a lot. Too much love and you won’t get that gorgeous golden brown color you saw in the photos. They will release themselves from the pan when they are good and ready. This much you know.

So you stand there and wait. Clicking your tongs to that old Madonna tune you have going on in your mind “…Borderline, feels like I’m going to lose my mind…Borderline”.

But you make it the entire 5 minutes without disturbing them. You start to flip those sweethearts over.

First thing you notice is how much moisture these guys gave up in cooking. I mean you appreciate the facial and all. But these scallops are half the size they started. Maybe you should have gotten 16 of them. You silently hope there are enough for everyone.

And another thing. Where is that golden brown color you envied in the photos?? Yours are a creamy translucent milky color of white. They smell done. The recipe clearly says: 5 minutes undisturbed on one side and 30-45 seconds on the other side.

Maybe it’s a typo.

Maybe your pan was not hot enough.

You turn the heat up and that’s when it happens. You make your fatal error.

“I’ll cook them a couple more minutes and then they will be that perfect golden hue I was promised”.

Sound Buzzer. End Of Game.

You have blown it. Your scallops are going to be over-cooked and rubbery. In trying to achieve that perfect crackly golden exterior, you over-cooked your $22.50 a pound monsters. You wanted crisp on the outside, but succulent in the inside. But it’s too late. I am sorry. They are ruined.

Like I said you ARE a good cook. This problem would happen to any one of us because it is not your fault! In fact it’s a conspiracy. I know because little green men in Roswell, New Mexico told me so!

There is a dirty little secret out there in seafood land. It’s called STP. It’s not motor oil. But to a connoisseur it’s nearly as bad. Sodium tripolyphosphate.

It’s the bugger responsible for that metallic taste and it’s what keeps your scallops from browning up properly

As far as I can tell, the additive was originally designed to get scallops to absorb water. It keeps frozen scallops from drying out during the freezing and thawing process. It is routinely added to scallops frozen at sea.

But nowadays STP is often added to non-frozen scallops, prior to soaking them in water, as a way of causing them to absorb the water and increase their weight.

There is always a bogeyman and money is the root of all evil.

As you probably figured the supplier charges by the pound. The now water-laden scallop is considerably heavier. There are now far fewer scallops per pound. The supplier is happy but the cook is devastated.

As necessary as phosphates are with seafood frozen at sea. These same phosphates are easily abused. If a little STP can keep the natural moisture in seafood, imagine what a lot can do. Well you don’t have to imagine because I’ll tell you. It can cause a scallop to soak up so much water that it can increase in weight up to 25 percent.

And if that is not bad enough then look in your pan. There is so much excess moisture your results are steamed, rubbery scallops that will not brown properly not matter how high the heat or how long they stay in the pan, under the broiler, or on the grill.

So give yourself a break. The familiar tale I cited here is REALLY not your fault.

So now not only do we have to consider how sustainable our seafood harvesting practices are, and weigh the benefits of fresh or frozen, wild-caught or farmed. We have to wonder if our scallops are wet or dry.

Which is not the same as “dried”. It’s far more complicated.

Wet scallops are the ones treated with STP. The STP gives scallops a longer shelf life; they don’t dry out or lose their plump appearance. I live on the west coast. Very, very good scallops are not in our back yard. I went a lot of years eating the wet scallops because they are very prevalent here.

Non-treated dry scallops are harder to come by (for me…). So you have to ask questions. You even have to educate the people at some fish counters. Some of them will give you attitude about it. Shop elsewhere.

Good fishmongers will know the difference or will at least be open to hearing the information.

It’s your money. They are your scallops. It’s your right to know what you are paying for. Because STP or no, very good scallops can be in excess of $20.00 a pound (in my neck of the woods).

Source by Greg Henry

Get to Know the Leading Celebrities – Be the One Fashion Icon

There must literally be at least thousands if not millions of hairstylists in the US right now, so how does one determine who is the top hairstylist among them? One way is by asking around who are the leading celebrity hairstylists in the US at the moment.

o According to USA Today, Samy Bio is one of those 10 leading celebrity hairstylists in the country at present. He also happens to be the brains behind the SAMY hair care products. Samy prides himself on offering Samy hair care products that do not have any wax, or any residue which may harm his female clients.

o Brad Johns salon hairstylist Steven Dillon who works on Fifth Avenue in New York City is another hairstylist who has gained acclaim. Dillon is said to be the favorite hairstylist of actress Natasha Richardson.

o Los Angeles hairdresser Sally Hershberger serves many celebrity clients such as Meg Ryan, and Madonna. She is friends with Richard Gere too.

o Frederic Fekkai is another big name in the hair care industry who is on good terms with many celebrities who recognize his hair care and hairstyling talents.

o West Hollywood hairstylist Art Luna also is pretty well known in showbiz circles since he has Sally Fields and Anjelica Huston as some of his best clients.

So what is the big deal if you are a celebrity hairstylist? Actually, it is a very big deal indeed because celebrities rarely want to go out in public looking like a newly born chick, complete with mussed up hair and disheveled clothes. Celebrities, being in the public eye all the time from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed (and maybe even during sleep if someone happens to be stalking them) often want to be at their best 24/7. To meet that requirement, celebrities may have to spend a lot on looking good. Showbiz people are like fashion models in that they are judged instantly by the public based on whether they look good from day to day. And since there are quite a few people who make a living by toppling celebrities from the pedestals the public puts them on, celebrities want to avoid negative write-ups about themselves in newspapers, tabloids and magazines as much as possible. That is why they invest in finding the best hairstylists they can afford, and then take steps to retain these people on their “unofficial” team for good measure.

This is partly why hairstylists of celebrities are often the lucky recipients of invitations to very exclusive and very high end parties hosted by the celebrities the hairstylists cut hair for. Even invitations to parties of friends of the celebrities may eventually be offered to such lucky hairdressers if they remain on good terms with such clients. And of course, since celebrities tend to mingle with celebrities, if you have a celebrity client it is a good bet that celebrity client will refer you to his or her friends as a hairstylist as well. Basically, hairstylists who work hand-in-glove with celebrities can enjoy a host of perks that ordinary folk do not get a chance to participate in or enjoy.

Source by Andrew Stratton

Homes For Sale in Livonia Michigan

Currently the median price for homes for sale in Livonia Michigan is almost $200,000, but prices start as low as $35,000. Obviously the Livonia Michigan real estate market has much to offer for investors and homebuyers, alike. Even those of you with bruised or damaged credit can likely own a home in the city or nearby if you purchase it on a rent to own basis — which is also referred to as a lease option.

First, a little about the area, in case you are new to town. The area that is included in Livonia Michigan real estate was first settled by pioneers from New England and New York in the 1800s. It is assumed that the name was chosen because of the immigrants from Baltic countries that settled in the area. At the first government sanctioned census in 1900, the population was less than 1500. Current estimates put the population at around 98,000, down from an all time high of 110,000 in 1970.

Many people are interested in homes for sale in Livonia Michigan because the city continuously has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Some are attracted to the area because of its numerous festivals including the Highland Games at Greenmead Historic Village. Others make their living at or attend Madonna University or Schoolcraft College. Other major employers around the Livonia Michigan real estate market include Ford, GM, UPS and Quicken. But, many residents commute to Detroit, Ann Arbor or Dearborn to work.

Currently there are at least 1000 homes for sale in Livonia Michigan according to the MLS listings, a national database of available real estate. If you need to sell your home quickly because of a job transfer or if you are trying to avoid foreclosure, there are a variety of options available to you that you may not know about, such as: lease optining, a short sale, land contract, and more.

Because it is a “soft” market, it can take several months or more to find a buyer. Whether you are selling with the assistance of a Realtor or For Sale By Owner, you know that your house must be in “showcase” condition at all times. This can be tedious and frustrating as anyone who has ever sold a home can attest to. In some cases, financing for the buyer falls through and “under contract” becomes “back on the market” in a short period of time.

Many experts in the Livonia Michigan real estate market and other areas of the country blame the low number of home sales on new policies established by banks and other lenders to limit bad loans and foreclosures. Many people who can afford the monthly mortgage and have a downpayment still cannot qualify for conventional loans. For these people, a rent to own is often the only way to get their foot in the door of home ownership because people who sell their home with seller financing and terms will often sell to people with bruised credit and no bank qualifying is needed.

Homes for sale in Livonia Michigan

Of course eventually you will need a bank loan to buy the rent to own home, but living in a home and making monthly mortgage payments will help increase your credit score over time so that you can eventually qualify for that loan from a lending institute.

Source by Dan Ho

Vintage Slips – 3 Reasons to Collect and Wear Them

If you love the sexy, steamy pinups and glamor girl movies of the past, you’ll love the feel of a magical vintage slip. Each slip has a bit of lace trim, a bow, or flounce. There are many different shapes, kinds, and sizes, easily available for you to express your unique personal style. You’ll probably be surprised to find out that vintage slips are a small investment, since not as many people collect them, and that they are easily found in many vintage clothing stores, especially online auctions and specialty stores.

1. Vintage slips are a classic style that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Lingerie has changed a lot over the years– from the layered underclothes of the 19th century to the loosening of the waist cinchers in the 1920’s, to the pin up curves of the 1940’s and finally to the fitted slips of the 1950’s. The fabric used in underclothes and slips has varied from cotton to silk, which was used in the more expensive undergarments. Rayon, initially called artificial silk, was eventually known as rayon in 1924. It became more widely used in and after the 20’s. Nylon came on the market in the 40’s (during WWII it was meant as a replacement for silk) and by the 50’s most slips were made from nylon. In the mid 50’s polyester was introduced as a miracle “wash & wear” fabric and soon became more popular in underwear than nylon. Once they were covered up and only rarely glimpsed, but now slips are appreciated for aesthetics in the pin up look, as shock fashion (think underwear as outerwear a la Madonna) and layered and worn openly by the punks. A full slip is simple glamor. Slips are elegant and make us all a little more lady-like when we wear one.

2. A special vintage slip is a small investment that can make you feel fantastic.

A vintage slip is usually a modest price when compared to the price of an outfit, yet will add a luxurious touch underneath any skirt, dress or suit. Perhaps most importantly, it makes your vintage clothing, and even modern clothing, fit better since it’s smoother getting it on, and helps the garment to lay correctly on you, not bunching up or pulling. Try wearing a slip as a camisole with a bit of lace peeking out or even at the bottom of the hem for a layered look. They also make beautiful and comfy things to wear to bed. Low price means your dollar goes further and you can buy more than one.

3. A vintage slip is uniquely yours

Although you can say a slip is a slip, upon closer inspection, each one has its own touch like a tiny ribbon rosette, lace trim on the bodice or hem, sheer fabric inserts or appliqués. Try personalizing your slips with embroidery or initials. Wear it a cocktail dress if you have one that covers enough. Use it as sleepwear or loungewear and all you’ll need is a pretty robe. Use it as a statement piece that says, “I like a bit of luxury.” Try a “tea-stained” slip for a bohemian vintage look.

Now go out and explore and find that perfect slip!

Check a variety of vintage markets including online and auctions, thrift and consignment shops. If the used factor is not for you then watch for the terms “NWT”. It means “new with tags” and means that it is store stock that was never worn. See if you can spot pieces marked “unworn”, “Store Stock” or “dead stock”. Watch for quality fabrics without piling, holes or spots. Quality brands to look for are Vassarette, Barbizon, Seamprufe, Van Raalte, Wonder Maid and Vanity Fair. With your small investment you’ll get lots of enjoyment with a garment that never goes out of style.

Fun Fact: Elizabeth Taylor made the white slip famous when she starred as the hot-blooded Maggie “The Cat” in Tennessee Williams’s 1958 movie, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Once you’ve seen her prowl around her boudoir in a slinky white slip you’ll never think of lingerie the same way again.

Source by Vivian Vassar

Is it Love Or Possession?

Are you looking for a lasting love but keep ending up with losers and toxic personalities that drain you and leave you disillusioned? Have you ever wished you had a checklist of “red lights” to give you an objective measurement to counter loneliness and desire that can make a Hannibal Lector look more like George Bailey, or an Amy Woodhouse look like Marie Osmond!

This simple checklist will give you the ability to see your mate for who they are, and how they treat you. If you are not sure of an answer, it is most likely NO. If you have to think hard answer no, these are not things you would be unsure of.


1. Does s/he see you as property or a partner/equal?

2. Does s/he trust your love and honesty?

3. Does s/he object to your choices out of fear for YOU or fear for her/HIS property rights?

4. Does s/he seek to find compromise in conflicts with you?

5. Does s/he encourage you to grow and explore in your own way, trusting you to make the right choices?

6. Do you know you are first in her/his life as s/he is first in yours?

7. Does s/he give at least half as much as s/he needs?

8. Can you talk to her/him about your doubts and fears about the relationship without her/him getting defensive?

9. Does s/he care about your feelings more than her/his friends when you make reasonable demands on her/his time?

10. Does s/he think of you when s/he is not with you; does s/he remember you like Hagen-Daaz too when s/he stops off on the way home? does s/he remember your favorite things and preferences?


10 out of 10: Gomez & Morticia

7 to 9: Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

5 to 6: Napoleon & Josephine

3 to 4: Madonna & Sean Penn

0 to 2: Ike & Tina Turner

Source by Guy DeWhitney

3GP Videos

3gp videos are becoming more and more popular. Music sites in the Internet offer a large variety of ringtones and allow visitors to download music and video clips. Music sites present different music clips, which the music fans can download to their mobiles. Users download music videos to their personal mobile phones by using the technology of 3gp – “3rd Generation Partnership Project”. Any one can download video clips to his or her mobile phone and see Madonna or Britney Spears on their own private mobile screen.

This technology enables all users to send a large amount of data using mobile phone network. 3gp technology gives one the opportunity to transmission large files over mobile phones, including audio, video and web data. 3gp equipped mobile devices make it possible for the user to record and playback video files on their own private mobile phones. The use of 3gp clips became possible because of the developments and expansions in Internet technologies and the growing development of mobile technology.

3gp clips were developed as an answer to the users’ needs and requirements and also in order to provide a bigger range of possibilities of using the mobile phones. Easy to download, music clips become available in every mobile phone, presenting high quality video clips. Alongside with the ringtones, which continue to be a favored source of entertainment for many users of mobile phones, 3gp video clips provide for a new source of entertainment and a new step in the progress of modern technology.

Source by Natalie Halimi

Gladys, Patti, Chaka – Don’t Call Us Divas!

It is no secret that the 3 women in question helped to shape America’s perception of what Music and song is all about. I am talking about the History making soulful sounds of Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight. Long before there were the Beyonce’s, Mariah’s, Pixler’s and Winehouses’ there were these women who brought us some of the most memorble songs that have outlasted the creation of ‘bic’pen…

Recently, the trio had a sat down with Entertainment Tonights’ Cojo, where they stated that they were only hardworking women and were not to be confused with the title of “diva.’ Gladys Knight alluded to divas, in essence, as being spoiled and pampered women who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. A sentiment obviously felt by Chaka and Patti. Patti Labelle in talking about appearances said she hated wearing makeup… stating how she would like to just appear onstage devoid of all the glamour, wearing her own hair in a ponytail. Chaka quickly nixed that idea, however, telling Patti not to do it!

Looking at these three great woman of song, I couldn’t help but take note of how in the second phase of life, this interview might be viewed as one of wistfully denial. You see, aging gracefully, in my opinion, is something that should be embraced with dignity and panache… No doubt, Gladys, Chaka and Patti were Divas in every sense of the word back in their heyday. To deny its title now, should be done with grace and dignity, not in flatout refusal to honor ever having referred to themselves as such.

My two cents to these three divas of yesterday would be to give thanks for the memories and exist gracefully as trend setters for those Divas sure to follow… With Tina Turner, Cher and Donna Summer making a Diva comeback, I’d be thrilled to learn their take on the subject.

Source by Clara Freeman

Top 10 Songs That Ought to Be on Your Playlist

These days, most people don’t buy too many albums. This means that the individual song is now the king of music more than anything else. It’s easy to get a string of individual songs and build a playlist that will keep you tapping your toes for a long time. If you’re not sure what songs you want to throw on your iPod or put on your computer next, here’s the top 10 songs that ought to be on your playlist.

1. Owl City – Fireflies

It’s techno meets pop, and the song is infectious from the first moment you hear it. It’s been getting a lot of radio play, and even after the radio gets tired of it, you will have the song to refer back to when you just want to feel good.

2. Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

This classic song is light and airy; which helps since the topic is a little sad. Bob Dylan’s voice is bluesy and clear, soulful and filled with rich meaningful tones.

3. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

OK, so the song title isn’t going to necessarily go down in record books as “Most Meaningful Song Title”, but the song is still fun. It’s upbeat, and perfect to give a little lift to your playlist.

4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under the Bridge

It’s a slow song that touches on a lot of hard themes, but the guitar hangs throughout the song and really stays with you. If you tend to sing along to songs, this is definitely one you want to hold onto.

5. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Bad Romance is more of a modern song, and if you’re a fan of Lady Gaga’s catchy songs and fast hitting beats, this is definitely worth adding to your playlist.

6. Madonna – Hollywood

Madonna is called the Queen of Pop for a reason — she knows exactly what she’s doing. While critics say the song isn’t deep enough, sometimes that’s the fun of music — it doesn’t have to be deep at all. Add this is you want something a little playful.

7. James Brown — I Got You (I Feel Good)

If you add this little number to your playlist, you’ll definitely be feeling good — this is a classic example of the funk sound that dominated to late 60s and early 70s, and it’s perfect to round out your playlist.

8. The Eagles – Hotel California

This is one of the sadder songs on the list, but the guitar styling and vocals make it worth adding to your playlist all the same. After all, you can always skip the song and come back to it later when you’re looking for something slower.

9. Rhianna – Umbrella

Rhianna’s strong vocals make “Umbrella” a treat that you’ll enjoy listening to again and again. You’ll never look at an umbrella the same way after listening to this sweet song about love and support.

10. Credence Clearwater Revival — Fortunate Son

Credence Clearwater Revival — CCR for short — is Southern rock at its best, and “Fortunate Son” is upbeat enough to keep you going without falling into the pop formula. It’s definitely classic rock, and if you’re a rock fan, this definitely deserves a space in your playlist.

Source by Dimitri Konchin